Click here to view the flood recovery information for health professionals

Townsville region flood response

If you are in a life-threatening situation or emergency, please call ‘000’.

For non-urgent conditions, and if you can travel safely, please visit the closest open GP or Pharmacy near you. If you have any non-urgent questions or concerns about medication (storage and supplies) or your health during this difficult time, please contact one of the local pharmacists or GPs. Remember; “if it’s flooded, forget it!”.

Find your nearest GP or pharmacist using the National Health Services Directory.

If you can’t travel safely to your nearest health service provider and you are worried about your health, please call 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84) to get non-urgent medical advice from a registered nurse 24/7.

CheckUP outreach services

Funded by the Australian Department of Health, CheckUP in partnership with QAIHC leads a strong, effective consortium delivering outreach services to urban, rural and remote locations and high-need populations throughout Queensland.

They aim to increase access to medical specialists, GP, and allied health professional services in urban, regional, rural, and remote locations throughout Queensland, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Visit to find outreach services near you.