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Townsville Aboriginal and Islander Health Service (TAIHS), in collaboration with Northern Queensland Primary Health Network (NQPHN), officially launched a new site for existing accommodation and youth programs, and launched new early childhood and youth programs at 10 Peel Street, Garbutt, on Thursday 26 April 2018.

TAIHS is continuing to expand the range of services it delivers to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community of Townsville, including accommodation, health promotion, youth, and early childhood programs.

Setting up new services within any organisation can be a challenge, and TAIHS has taken these challenges on and created programs that put the needs of the community at the forefront.

All of its services are developed and based on the needs of the community to deliver health and wellbeing outcomes.

TAIHS conducted an Open Day of new services and unveiled the names of some of the buildings to house their new programs.

TAIHS Chairperson Morris Cloudy said that “we welcome all community members to come down and meet the staff, and get a better understanding of our services.

“TAIHS is grateful to NQPHN for recognising the need for essential youth services in the Townsville region.”

NQPHN Director of Mental Health, Gillian Yearsley, said: “NQPHN is committed to supporting investment in a range of evidence-based, culturally appropriate youth services; focussing on psychological and substance use issues.

“We are pleased to partner with TAIHS to commission the delivery of clinical AOD and mental health programs to provide case management and other support services to young people with complex needs.”

The Open Day was be held from 10am until 2pm, with the official ceremony starting at 10am, followed by traditional entertainment and tours of the new services.